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Opportunity Provider Terms of Service & Services Agreement 

This Services Agreement ("Agreement") is established between StandOutSearch LLC, a limited liability company registered under the laws of the applicable jurisdiction, with its primary location at [93 Ocean Heights Lane, Ogunquit, Maine, 03907] ("Provider"), and the company or nonprofit ("Opportunity Provider") expressing interest in participating in the StandOut Intern Program facilitated by StandOutSearch LLC. This Agreement delineates the terms and conditions guiding the involvement of the Opportunity Provider in the StandOut Intern Program.


1. Definitions


1.1. "Provider": StandOutSearch LLC, as specified above. 


1.2. "Opportunity Provider": The company or nonprofit entity seeking student connections through the StandOut Intern Program. 


1.3. "Student(s)": Individuals pursuing educational services offered by StandOutSearch LLC. 


1.4. "Program Director": All personnel or employees of StandOutSearch LLC.


2. Acceptance of Agreement


By selecting an acceptance checkbox on the "Get Matched With a StandOut Intern" Google Form provided by StandOutSearch LLC or through correspondence with the Program Director for the purpose of student connections, the Opportunity Provider agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions detailed in this Agreement.


3. Purpose of Agreement


3.1. The Opportunity Provider acknowledges the role of StandOutSearch LLC as an educational platform enabling networking between students and Opportunity Providers for mentorship opportunities. 


3.2. The Opportunity Provider recognizes that StandOutSearch LLC assumes no liability for outcomes arising after sharing a student's resume with the Opportunity Provider.


4. Compliance with Laws


The Opportunity Provider commits to complying with all applicable local, federal, and international laws and regulations when interacting with students via the StandOut Intern Program. The Opportunity Provider further acknowledges that any legal consequences resulting from their interactions with students are solely their responsibility.


5. Relationship with StandOutSearch LLC

5.1. The Opportunity Provider agrees not to pursue any advice or guidance provided by the Program Director or StandOutSearch LLC if it infringes upon the rights or interests of either the Opportunity Provider or the Student. 


5.2. The Opportunity Provider assumes full responsibility for addressing any dissatisfaction expressed by a student concerning their engagement. StandOutSearch LLC is relieved of any liability in such instances.


6. Legal Actions


6.1. In the event of a student initiating legal action against the Opportunity Provider, the Opportunity Provider acknowledges that StandOutSearch LLC bears no responsibility or liability for the student's claims. 


6.2. Should the Opportunity Provider initiate legal action against StandOutSearch LLC, the Opportunity Provider accepts full responsibility for all associated legal expenses.


7. Information Sharing


The Opportunity Provider grants StandOutSearch LLC the right to disseminate any information provided by the Opportunity Provider about the Opportunity Provider within StandOutSearch LLC’s public-facing materials, including but not limited to StandOutSearch LLC’s website, social media, and emails.


8. Exclusive Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the singular and complete agreement governing the relationship between the Opportunity Provider and StandOutSearch LLC. The Opportunity Provider agrees to disregard any prior agreements, marketing materials, or correspondence and acknowledges this Agreement as the prevailing document.


9. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Deleware. Any disputes arising out of or related to this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Deleware.


By accepting this Agreement, the Opportunity Provider acknowledges and agrees to its terms and conditions as outlined herein.


Parties agree to this Agreement when the Opportunity Provider selects an acceptance checkbox on the “Get Matched With a StandOut Intern” Google Form provided by StandOutSearch LLC or emails the Program Director for the purposes of student connections.

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